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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is GameStop worth?

As of June 2021, The current estimated net worth of the company about $5 billion. GameStop has really done a lot for the growth of the entertainment industry. The company has established retail stores all over the world and has immensely earned a lot during their years in operation.

Does GameStop price match?

Yes Gamestop customers recently confirmed Gamestop have started to price match their competitors in store. With the exception of flash specials and bundles, this will function like any other retailer’s price matching policy, in which GameStop would modify the price of its titles if a competitor offers the same game product at a cheaper price.

What's going on with GameStop?

GameStop had been struggling along with other retailers for years, even before the pandemic hit. Morningstar classifies the small-cap value stock as distressed, meaning it has serious operating problems and should be considered highly speculative.

Can GME reach 1000?

As retail traders drove GameStop ($GME) to stratospheric heights on January 26 and 27 2021, chatter on ticker-centric sites spiked in volume; several social stock platforms displayed a purported tweet attributed to entrepreneur Elon Musk referencing $GME reaching $1000 per share:

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