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Frequently Asked Questions

What can you do at Games Workshop?

At Games Workshop, you really do have the potential to do anything you want. There may be parts of the business which require a particular set of skills in order to be a productive member of that team, but for the most part, there is no limit to how you can develop your career. Can I work from home?

How do I add a voucher to my Games-Workshop account?

Sign into your games-workshop account, if you don’t have an account don’t worry, creating one is not only free, but its really quick and easy - register here. Select “My Virtual Vouchers” from the options on the left hand side. Enter your voucher code in the box provided and click the “Add to Account” button.

Do I need to speak English to work at iGames workshop?

Games Workshop is based in England and our global business language is English. To be successful in management and professional roles, the ability to speak English is essential. If I have been unsuccessful in a previous application, can I apply again?

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