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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some fun games to do at home?

Play outdoor games such as a water balloon toss, tug of war, a nature scavenger hunt, relay races, kickball, 7-up or capture the flag, suggests Traditional playground games are also fun to play at home in the back yard. Try red rover, red light, green light, hula hoops, four square and freeze tag.

How do you Play Google games?

To add your game, follow these steps: Open the Game Services page, select the Google Play games services tab on the left, then click the Add New Game button. Specify if the game you are adding already uses Google APIs. In the Game Details form, add the description, category, and graphic assets for your game.

Can you play Pogo games on Google Chrome?

April 16, 2015. The Google Chrome Browser (version 42.xx and above) no longer directly supports the Java platform. Pogo has been slowly converting games from Java to Flash for a while now, but unfortunately for us Pogo players, there are still more than a handful of Pogo’s games using Java technology.

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