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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best online games for kids?

Club Penguin – Club Penguin is one of the most popular online game worlds for kids, with equal emphasis placed on safety and fun.

What are some fun games for kids?

Some fun games for toddlers include Count the Score Learning Game, Laugh and Learn Learning About Opposites and the Little People Animal Sounds Game, according to Fisher-Price.

What are some fun indoor games for kids?

There are games such as chess and billiards which are played indoors. Children love to play outdoor games such as “hide and seek” and “hunter and guard.” Very young children love to play indoor board games. Some games are played for fun while some are competitive games.

Can kids start kindergarten early?

While most children start at 5 years old, some public and private schools are enrolling children as young as 4. The decision about when to start kindergarten should depend not only on what is offered in your area, but on your child's abilities and maturity.

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