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Frequently Asked Questions

What are FNF games?

What are FNF Games? Friday Night Funkin 'is a rhythm game that first appeared in November 2020, being a game inspired by the world of dance, rap, and R&B music.

Is FNF free on PC?

If you are looking for Download FNF for PC (Windows 10, 8 and 7), you should know that it is a completely free game that is available for both 64bit and 32bit. In addition, not being a very complex game, the game files barely pass 200MB and the requirements to play it are minimal.

What is an FNF mod?

An FNF MOD is an unofficial modification of Friday Night Funkin’ in which new content is added to the game. The different inclusions of these MODs are usually new characters and dialogues, which make up new unpublished weeks for the game.

What is the origin of the FNF (Friday night Funkin') games?

What is the origin of the FNF (Friday Night Funkin') games? It was in October 2020 on the occasion of Ludum Dare 47 (the video game development competition organized regularly by Newgrounds) that the musical battle game Friday Night Funkin' was created over a weekend.

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