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Frequently Asked Questions

When will the next Xbox be released?

Considering this, it’s no surprise or secret that Microsoft has an Xbox One successor in the works in some form, but a new rumor suggests that the console may launch much sooner than expected. According to YouTuber DreamcastGuy, the next Xbox console is currently slated for release in 2019.

What is the newest Xbox?

Xbox One X This small gaming console also is the most recent and most powerful Xbox console on the market. Microsoft released the X in 2017 as a full upgrade to Xbox One.

What is the newest Xbox system?

Microsoft’s next-generation Xbox is officially called Xbox Series X. Microsoft revealed the name and console design on stage at the Game Awards today. The console itself looks far more like a PC than we’ve seen from previous Xbox consoles, and Microsoft’s trailer provides a brief glimpse at the new design.

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