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Frequently Asked Questions

What video games came out in 2005?

2005 saw the release of many sequels and prequels in video games, such as Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30, Mario Kart DS, Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time and Need for Speed: Most Wanted, alongside several prominent new releases including F.E.A.R., Forza Motorsport, God of War, Guitar Hero, Shadow of the Colossus, and Sniper Elite .

How many sports are there in the 2005 World Games?

The 2005 World Games programme featured 31 official sports, and 6 invitational sports. The numbers in parentheses indicate the number of medal events, which were contested in each sports discipline. Aikido was also one of the invitational sports, but it was deemed a demonstration sport; no medal events were held.

How many card games are in Hoyle Card Games 2005?

Released in (when else) 2005, this contains 20 unique card games, as well as over 50 variations of Solitaire. With a unique Hoyle Bucks achievement system, player customization with the trademarked Facemaker™ and Spacemaker, and 12 unique NPC computer characters to play against, Hoyle Card Games 2005 can provide hours upon hours of enjoyment.

How much did the video game industry make in 2005?

Totally Spies! In 2005, the total U.S. sales of video game hardware, software and accessories rose 6% over 2004 to $10.5 billion USD ($9.9 billion, 2004) breaking 2002's $10.3 billion record for the industry. The increase is largely due to the portable game market which counterbalanced sluggish console game sales.

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