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Frequently Asked Questions

What is fundfunding talent?

Funding Talent is a relatively new prop firm, offering traders up to $300,000 in trading capital and a range of different account types to suit all kinds of retail traders. They have an extremely interesting funding model, where you can actually fund your trading account with profits made on a demo account.

Is it possible to get funding from funding talent?

So although getting funding from Funding Talent is realistic and very possible, for the majority of traders it could be a very long road and a lot of the other Top Prop Firms offer a much quicker and easier route to becoming a funded trader. Which Brokers Do They Partner With?

What happened to challenge at funding talent?

Effective immediately, we are permanently removing Challenge as a Funding Talent program offering. This decision was difficult to make, and we understand that we will lose members as a result. Like any new business, Funding Talent has experienced difficulties that are often felt during periods of hyper growth.

Is funding talent a casino or a trading site?

Sometimes a trader happens to have one hell of a streak. Funding Talent claims they offer Funding & Capital to traders so they have a chance to better trade. However, when all their money is only made off of people failing the challenges they have essentially classified themselves as a Casino.

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