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Frequently Asked Questions

What is another word for funding?

Another word for funding. Noun. financing, funding - the act of financing. backing, financial backing, financial support, funding, support - financial resources provided to make some project possible. Example:- the foundation provided support for the experiment.

What is a synonym for funded?

Synonyms for Funding: n. • capitalization, subsidization, stake, money, capital, grubstake, appropriation. v. •aiding (verb) fostering, attending, helping, Aiding, benefiting, Facilitating, Assisting, motivating, ministering, Endowing, tending, Relieving, Abetting, Mothering, Sustaining, serving, supporting, encouraging.

What is synonym for funds?

Synonyms for Funds: n. •capital (noun) pecuniary resources, earnings, pelf, nest egg, winnings, collateral, belongings, Securities, jack, stores, stakes, means, savings, possessions, Resources, affluence, substance, revenue, hard cash.

What is another word for fundings?

Another word for funding. Money or property used to produce more wealth: backing, capital, capitalization, financing, grubstake, stake, subsidization.

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