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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to download Friday night Funkin?

If you click the link above, it’ll redirect you to Friday Night Funkin’s official website where you have the option to download the Friday Funkin Night game or play it online. Furthermore, the game runs smoothly on all web browsers and there’s also some mods you can use to further enhance your experience of playing the game.

Is Friday night Funkin finished?

Friday Night Doodlin' (Finished work) - A Mod for Friday Night Funkin'. Friday Night Doodlin' (Finished work) Doodles. My work has finished, or at least what I wanted to finish before starting with week 6 sprites and other extras I'm planing. DoggoFnF Joined 2mo ago.

Is Friday night Funkin free?

Reminder: Friday Night Funkin’ is a free game, and its MODs are completely lawful and legal, so the files linked from FNFunkin are unofficial (but legal) reversions or modifications of the original game.

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