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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Friday night Funkin impostor?

A mod of Friday Night Funkin where you do rap battle against Impostor from Among Us. This web port is optimized for the browser and make game more accessible to everyone that can’t otherwise play it on non-windows computers.

What are the different Friday night Funkin mods?

Friday Night Funkin - Electro Funkin Mod Friday Night Funkin at Freddy's mod Friday Night Funkin B-side mod Friday Night Funkin BeatStreets Tricky Mod Friday Night Funkin Big Brother (BB) Mod Friday Night Funkin but Bad Mod Friday Night Funkin Carol and Whitty Date Week Mod Friday Night Funkin CG5 Edition Mod Friday Night Funkin Cosmo Calamity Mod

Can you play impostor among us V3 mod (FNF) game online?

Play Impostor Among Us V3 Mod (FNF) Game Online ! Are you ready to play the ultimate Friday Night Funkin battle? FNF vs Impostor Among Us V3 is a new addition to FNF Mods. The playability of FNF vs Impostor Among Us V3 Mod is good although extremely difficult in the final stages.

Does FNF vs impostor V3 mod work on Chromebooks?

‎Sling Drift Friday Night Funkin VS Impostor V3 Mod Important!  FNF VS Impostor V3 Full Week Mod may not work properly on Chromebooks. A common issue for Chromebooks is the arrows (notes) don't show up.

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