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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Funky Friday code for Funky Friday?

Funky Friday Codes (Working) 1 smashthatlikebutton - Redeem for 300 Points (NEW) 2 250M - Redeem for 250 Points. 3 1MILFAVS - Redeem for the Boombox Animation. 4 100M - Redeem code for 500 Points. 5 19DOLLAR - Redeem code for the RickRoll animation.

What are the funfunky Friday codes for GTA V?

Funky Friday Codes (Working) 1MILFAVS - Redeem for the Boombox Animation (NEW) 100M - Redeem code for 500 Points 19DOLLAR - Redeem code for the RickRoll animation

What is the buy points tab for in Funky Friday?

Lastly, the Buy Points tab is for just that. If there are no more Funky Friday codes to use and you can't bear the thought of grinding for more points, you can use this screen (and some Robux) to buy heaps more. No matter how you spend your points, you'll never gain an advantage over other players.

What are the Roblox Funky Friday codes for 2021?

Roblox Funky Friday Codes – June 2021 (Last Updated on June 26) 1 smashthatlikebutton – This code rewards players 300 Points [NEW] 2 250M – This code rewards players 250 Points 3 1MILFAVS – This code rewards players Boombox Animation 4 100M – This code rewards players 500 Points 5 19DOLLAR – This code rewards players RickRoll Animation

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