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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I download divorce papers for free?

Download a free divorce packet from the website of your local county court if available. You sometimes can also find these forms on the website of your state government or state court system. For example, you can download all California divorce papers from the California Courts website.

How do you file a divorce online?

Getting a divorce online means having an online document company prepare your divorce papers and, if applicable for your state and county, submit them electronically. You also can prepare forms on your state’s court site and submit them through that site. Not all legal document companies will file divorce papers online.

Do it yourself divorce in Michigan?

Filing for divorce can be pricey because of filing fees and attorney fees. In Michigan, however, you can file for divorce by yourself and petition the court to waive the filing fees. It isn't absolutely required that you retain an attorney to file for divorce, but an attorney knows the law and will represent your interests.

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