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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you practice voice acting?

As you practice your voice acting skills, try to separate your sessions into two phases. Practice technical drills such as tongue twisters, diction and pronunciation exercises, and breathing exercises. And then, work on interpreting copy and scripts with focus on adding expression and life to your reads.

What are some good audition monologues?

10 Best Audition Monologues for Actors Darling Face Fungus Among Us Dog Anxiety Phone Calls Food For Thought Underwhelm Ready, Aim, AIM Kick In The Pants Crappy Pants Rather Be A Man

What is a monologue script?

A monologue (MAHN-oh-log) is a speech articulated aloud by a single character, frequently to express their thoughts and feelings, but sometimes directed at a specific other character or to the audience. Monologues are most common in theatrical scripts, but they also can be found in poetry and prose.

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