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Frequently Asked Questions

What is formspree and how does it work?

Formspree is a forms-as-a-service provider. As they say, they are perfect for static sites and we agree. It passes along form submissions to their intended destination like any normal form but they offer a lot more too. Need help with spam or a place to view your form submissions?

How do I create a custom form in formspree?

Once logged in to your Formspree account, navigate to the dashboard and click +New Form”. Name your new form something memorable and click Create Form. Copy the provided endpoint URL. This URL will be used as the value of the action in your form. Once you’ve found one that you like, click View to find the editable HTML for your new form.

What is the formspree CLI?

The Formspree CLI offers a workflow for building and deploying forms that works nicely with modern JavaScript tools like npm and React. Forms can be deployed automatically using CI/CD tools or platforms like Github, Vercel and Netlify.

How do I install and configure the formspree CLI?

Now you're ready to install the Formspree CLI and start creating forms. To get started, run the following commands to install the Formspree command line interface and initialize your project: This will create an empty formspree.json file in the root of your project. This is where you will configure your forms.

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