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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to create a formspree form?

Just HTML forms. No Javascript, PHP or servers required. With a couple of changes to your existing form, your Formspree submissions will start appearing in the Formspree dashboard. Visit the docs → 1. Create a form on Formspree

What data does formspree save?

Formspree will save any fields with a name attribute. Now submit your form and see what happens! With our direct integrations, we'll get your data where it needs to be.

What can formspree do for me?

We're happy to help. Formspree allows you to set up custom rules that control delivery of your form submissions, or allow you to take special actions, based on certain criteria called Triggers. Rules can be used for:

What form reset CSS do I need to use?

A minimal form reset css is included that should work with most sites. Use this simple HTML contact form on your website to provide viewers a quick and easy way to send you an email message without them having to know your email address. Use this HTML Survey Form to check your customers satisfaction level.

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