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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a new form in formspree?

Formspree generates a unique and secure endpoint for your form and stores all of the entries in your account. Click “+new form” and choose a name for your form (we chose “Seltz Contact Us”).

How do I create a contact form?

Grab the premade code for a contact form from our form library. You can add or customize fields in the editing box if you want, but most contact forms keep it simple with name, email address, and message. If you’re using an HTML template for your website, it should include all of the style code already.

How to use formspree with shifter?

All of this is possible using Formspree. Here’s a step by step guide: Create a new site on Shifter or use an existing site. I created a site just for this demo called Formspree demo. Paste copied code and save changes. Test the form works after generating and publishing the artifact. The page will be like below after submitting.

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