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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create an account with formfire?

First, go to to start the account creation process. Click the Sign Up button in the upper right corner (shown below). Enter your Employer Code on the Sign Up page. The Employer Code can be found on the welcome letter sent to you by your HR Manager or Insurance Broker. Here's an example of the email:

What is formformfire’s application processing?

FormFire’s application processing is a tool that we have used for many years. With the uptick in small group self-funding, level funding, and Association plans, our utilization of the application processing tool has increased creating efficiencies for our team and our clients.

Why formfire for insurance agents?

With FormFire, Brokers and insurance agencies can quickly provide numerous quotes in a polished, shopping-like experience. No need to prepare time-consuming presentations for each client, simply use FormFire’s marketplace experience to present a well-designed shopping experience for group benefits.

How secure is formfire?

In fact, FormFire is more secure than using paper. Paper applications can be left on desks, thrown out or lost in the mail. FormFire can track who sees your data all the way up to being delivered to the carrier.

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