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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Manage my company in formfire?

As the HR Manager, you can manage your company in a number of ways in FormFire. You can: Select any of the links above to view a specific section of this article. To mange your company in FormFire, start from your HR Dashboard and select Manage Employees. The first page you'll see is My Company's Employee Status.

What is formformfire’s application processing?

FormFire’s application processing is a tool that we have used for many years. With the uptick in small group self-funding, level funding, and Association plans, our utilization of the application processing tool has increased creating efficiencies for our team and our clients.

Why use formfire to sell employee benefits?

Between the time it takes to create a proposal and the challenge of filling in missing information from Employees and Groups, quoting and selling employee benefits can be a time-consuming endeavor. With FormFire, take the pain out of the process.

How secure is formfire?

In fact, FormFire is more secure than using paper. Paper applications can be left on desks, thrown out or lost in the mail. FormFire can track who sees your data all the way up to being delivered to the carrier.

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