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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy replacement parts for my FoodSaver or rival vacuum sealer?

We carry compatible replacement heating wires and sealing strips for your FoodSaver and Rival Seal-A-meal vacuum sealers. Rather than purchase a new FoodSaver, purchase replacement parts at a fraction of the price. A sealer (including the FoodSaver vacuum sealer) requires maintenance as part of the natural wear and tear cycle of the machine.

What is a FoodSaver gasket?

Foodsaver Gaskets keep your vacuum sealing system closed and locked, especially with your GameSaver Lower Gasket while hunting game. Find gasket replacements for countertop vacuum food sealers as well.

What model FoodSaver does Gamesaver work with?

Works With: V2200, V2400, V2800, V3000 and V3200 Series FoodSaver models. Also works with: GameSaver Deluxe Plus. If your FoodSaver vacuum sealer is having trouble holding suction while sealing, our gaskets may be able to help you.

Why is my FoodSaver not holding the vacuum properly?

Fix The Sucking: If your FoodSaver is having a difficult time holding the vacuum while sealing, it's likely that you just need to replace your gaskets! FoodSaver recommends replacing them annually.

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