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Frequently Asked Questions

How much zinc is bad for dogs?

Daily Zinc Recommendation for Dogs. Growing puppies need a minimum of 120 mg/kg of food eaten. The puppy should receive a maximum of 1,000 mg/kg. Adult dogs require about the same amounts of zinc, provided they have a medium activity level. Racing and working dogs need between 150 mg/kg and 300 mg/kg of ingested food.

What is the best zinc supplement for dogs?

Nutrazinc Dog Supplement - Great for Dogs with Zinc Deficiency. It is the most readily available form of zinc that can be used for dogs. It is highly soluble and quickly absorbed in the dog's gut. The average dog's minimum daily zinc requirement is 50mg. The percent zinc in Nutrazinc is approximately 14.6%.

Can dogs have zinc supplements?

Puppies and dogs from the northern breeds should get supplements containing extra zinc. You can find products for improving your pet's skin and hair condition on the market. Look for high-quality vitamins and fatty acid supplements as well, which can be combined with zinc supplements.

Can you use zinc oxide on a dog?

Zinc oxide is effective as a sunscreen for humans, but it's toxic for dogs. If ingested, it can damage your dog’s delicate red blood cells, causing them to explode. The resulting anemia can be severe and require a blood transfusion. Bottom line: Never use sunscreens that contain zinc oxide on your dog.

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