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What foods are the most potent with vitamin B3?

16 Foods That Are High in Niacin (Vitamin B3) Liver. Liver is one of the best natural sources of niacin. ... Chicken Breast. Chicken, especially the breast meat, is a good source of both niacin and lean protein. ... Tuna. Tuna is a good source of niacin and a great option for people who eat fish but not meat. ... Turkey. ... Salmon. ... Anchovies. ... Pork. ... Ground Beef. ... Peanuts. ... Avocado. ... More items...

What foods contain vitamin B3?

The best sources of niacin are foods with a high protein content, such as meat, eggs, and peanuts. Other good sources of vitamin B3 equivalents, such as milk, actually provide more tryptophan than niacin. Mushrooms and greens are good vegetable sources.

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