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Frequently Asked Questions

How flat does a floor have to be?

The recommended flatness is 3/16" within 10 ft. More than levelness, "flatness" is a much more important factor. In other words, if your entire room slopes in one direction, but is otherwise flat the entire way, your installation can be successful. The recommended flatness is 3/16" within 10 ft.

What is floor etc?

Floors Etc. offers years of real-world flooring experience and knowledge rarely found in national chain stores. Because we are a locally-owned family business, everyone at Floors Etc. treats you like a good neighbor and takes a personal interest in helping you make the right decisions for your home or office improvement project. Floors Etc.

What is the area of the floor?

In architectural, construction, and real estate, floor area, floor space, or floorspace is the area (measured as square feet or square metres) taken up by a building or part of it.

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