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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to book your flight tickets?

According to FareCompare, the best time to book your tickets is on Tuesdays , ideally early in the morning . Many airlines launch sales late Monday night, so new fares will be available and other carriers drop their rates to match the competition.

What is the best way to book a flight ticket?

The Best Ways to Buy Airline Tickets Save Money. Savvy travelers know that the best way to save money on airline tickets is by comparison shopping at least three months in advance. Earn Free Trips. ... Save Effort. ... Last Minute. ...

When to book cheap flight tickets?

While the prime booking window is a good overall rule of thumb, the cheapest-airfare windows differ somewhat by season, as follows: For summer flights, book 14 – 60 days in advance For fall flights, book 21 – 100 days in advance For winter flights, book 21 – 110 days in advance For spring flights, book 46 – 122 days in advance

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