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Frequently Asked Questions

What airlines are hiring flight attendant?

Janet Airlines, the secret airline run by the US government, is hiring flight attendants. The airline mostly shuttles workers from the Las Vegas airport to locations like Area 51.

What are the requirements for becoming a flight attendant?

While a high school diploma is a minimum requirement for anyone who wants to become a flight attendant, many employers prefer to hire job candidates who have a college degree. All newly hired flight attendants receive three to six weeks of formal on-the-job training from their employers.

What is the starting salary of a flight attendant?

As with other professions, flight attendants earn lower salaries at the beginning of their career and work their way up to higher wages. A flight attendant's hourly wage starts out at approximately $21.00/hr . However, by the 14th year, the hourly wage of the flight attendant will have almost doubled (approximately $46-$50.00/hr).

What makes a good flight attendant?

The only things that make you a qualified flight attendant are good people skills, an affinity for hospitality, and a dedication to your work. Flight attendants are responsible for knowing where the safety equipment on board is located, how to use it, and in which scenarios to use what.

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