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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Hawaiian Airlines have flight attendants in Hawaii?

Hawaiian Airlines Flight Attendants World-class opportunities right here in Hawaii Our flight attendants are the ambassadors of authentic Hawaiian hospitality. Once onboard our aircrafts, guests experience a unique taste of our islands through the service of our flight attendants.

What is it like to be a flight attendant?

Our Flight Attendants deliver authentic Hawaiian hospitality in everything they do, while ensuring the safety and comfort of all guests. To join our team of exceptional Flight Attendants, you must be able handle emergency situations and work in varying climatic conditions, turbulence and varying cabin pressurization.

How much do United Airlines Flight attendants get paid?

Starting pay for a Flight Attendant is $19.29 per flight hour, which increases to $21.74 per flight hour after one year of service. More... Conduct pre-flight safety checks of cabin area.

What is it like to be a Southwest Airlines flight attendant?

Friendly announcements, warm smiles, and top-notch Hospitality are just a few traits that factor into being a Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant. Why Southwest Airlines? Flight Attendants are eligible for reserve until they are in the top 35% seniority in their base.

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