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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you find a flight attendant job?

Becoming a Flight Attendant Research airlines to find job openings. Go to the websites of airlines that appeal to you and find their “careers” page. Apply to open jobs. Most airlines will require that you submit an application with your basic information, a resume, and sometimes a cover letter. Ace your interviews.

What airlines are hiring flight attendant?

Janet Airlines, the secret airline run by the US government, is hiring flight attendants. The airline mostly shuttles workers from the Las Vegas airport to locations like Area 51.

What is the job description of a flight attendant?

Airline Stewardess Job Description. The main duty of a flight attendant is maintaining a safe and secure flight while keeping passengers at ease. Before takeoff, flight attendants ensure the plane is equipped with emergency gear, first-aid kits and enough food and drink for all the passengers.

Are any Airlines hiring flight attendants?

Since COVID vaccinations are on the rise and airline fall and winter bookings show a strong rebound, many more airlines are now hiring flight attendants. The following airlines marked “ ACTIVE ” have flight attendant positions and/or flight attendant manager vacancies or have upcoming flight attendant Open House Interview (s).

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