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Frequently Asked Questions

When did the Cadillac CT6 first come out?

The first-generation Cadillac CT6 made its debut for the 2016 model year. In 2017, the plug-in hybrid model was added to the lineup. The 2018 model year saw more technology improvements, including over-the-air updates and more automation for the automated parking system.

What is the difference between the Cadillac CT6 and CT5?

Cadillac CT6 vs. Cadillac CT5 The CT5 is Cadillac's new midsize car that serves as a replacement for the now-defunct CTS. Compared to the CT6, the CT5 is smaller and doesn't offer a V8. But it's also more affordable and still presents decent passenger space.

Does the 2020 Cadillac CT6 have autopilot or super cruise?

NOTE: This video is about the 2018 Cadillac CT6, but since the 2020 Cadillac CT6 is part of the same generation, our earlier analysis still applies. Tesla's Autopilot and Cadillac's Super Cruise are the most capable driver assistance systems available and provide a glimpse toward the future of self-driving cars.

What type of flashlight should I buy?

If you need a pocket-sized flashlight to keep in the glove box of your car, or next to your bed, look for lightweight LED flashlights that don’t take up too much space, but provide adequate light to make your way around in the dark. LEDs are highly energy efficient, which means your batteries will last longer...

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