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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the flash floods in Arizona?

Floods and Flash Floods. These conditions were exacerbated when a surge of moisture from Tropical Storm Octave, which was located off the central Baja California coast, moved northeast across the area. The result over a four-day period was torrential rains ranging from five to nine inches, causing flooding in Tucson and southeast Arizona.

What is a flash flood watch?

Flash flood alerts. One is a flash flood watch, which means that conditions are favorable for flash flooding, and the other is a flash flood warning, meaning that a flash flood is occurring or one will occur imminently and is usually issued when there are strong weather radar echoes for an area that is prone to flash flooding.

What is flash flood emergency?

(Redirected from Flash flood emergency) Jump to navigation Jump to search. A Flash Flood Warning (SAME code: FFW) is issued by the United States National Weather Service when a flash flood is imminent or occurring in the warned area. A flash flood is a sudden, violent flood after a heavy rain, or occasionally after a dam break.

What is a weather alert?

A significant weather advisory (alternately termed as a "significant weather alert" or a "special weather statement", the terminology varies depending on the local National Weather Service Weather Forecast Office) is issued when Doppler radar indicates a strong thunderstorm is producing small hail or high winds whose strength does not reach the ...

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