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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a flash flood warning?

A Flash Flood Warning (SAME code: FFW) is issued by the United States National Weather Service when a flash flood is imminent or occurring in the warned area. A flash flood is a sudden, violent flood after a heavy rain, or occasionally after a dam break.

Where is the flash flood in Utah?

Flash Flood In Utah. Watch as a Flash Flood In Utah occurs on a perfectly dry day in a dry river bed. This flash flood is the result of close to 3″ of rain that fell approximately 40 miles North of the location in the video. This was filmed about 6+ hours after the heavy rainfall.

Where are flash floods in California?

Flash floods, mudslides swamp parts of Southern California. The flooding at Fort Tejon, about 75 miles north of downtown Los Angeles, was part of a storm system that brought downpours across a wide swath of northern Los Angeles County. A second highway was closed Thursday night following a separate mudslide.

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