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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different names of fingers?

Finger Names on the Human Hand Thumb. The word "thumb" has old roots, dating back to before the 12th century. ... Index Finger. The index finger has the most names of all the fingers. ... Middle Finger. The name of this finger is really quite easy to understand because the meaning is literal. ... Ring Finger. ... Pinky. ...

What are the names of all five of your fingers?

The five fingers of a typical human hand are the thumb, index finger, middle finger, ring finger and baby finger. The baby finger is often referred to as the pinky.

What is the correct name for fingers?

The medical term for fingers is phalanges. The name is derived from the Greek word phalanx which means a straight projection. The thumb finger has its own name and the other fingers are numbered from 2 at the index finger to 5 at the pinky. Finger-Names via kwout.

What are the names of all the fingers?

Humans have five digits, the bones of which are termed phalanges. The first digit is the thumb, followed by the index finger, middle finger, ring finger, and little finger or 'pinky'. According to different definitions, the thumb can be called a finger, or not.

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