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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I learn by going to a film school?

While attending film school, your urge to become a filmmaker will be validated and nourished in a way that the outside world simply cannot provide. Throughout your time in film school, you will learn to see yourself as a filmmaker. When you graduate, hopefully that identity will be strong enough to weather the inevitable blows to come.

What is the Best Film School in Oregon?

Oregon contains five schools that offer film programs. Willamette University, the highest-ranking film school in OR, has a total student population of 2,838 and is the 146th highest ranked school in America. Of the 5 film schools in Oregon, only 2 have a student population over 10k.

Is film school good for career training in film?

Getting the film school training you need can help launch your film career because it reduces the often inefficient time we spend trying to learn a skill on our own. For example, it's much more efficient for many people to get a Film Editor job after they have attended a film school to learn the trade than to attempt to find the job with little or no prior experience and training.

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