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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Illini perfect in conference play?

PODCAST: Oskee Talk Episode 204 - Ayo Night! Previewing Illinois’ matchup with the Terrapins and it’s Ayo Night! Here’s what to watch out for against the Terps. The Illini remain perfect in conference play. PODCAST: Oskee Talk Episode 203 - Can an unpracticed Illini beat the Gophers?

What is the Illini basketball team doing right now?

The Illini are actually playing some decent basketball right now. Illinois basketball moved one step closer to stabilizing the center role this past week. On November 20, Dain Dainja entered the transfer portal. Just a week later, Dainja decided to end his recruitment and commit to the Illini.

Are the Illini still unranked?

The Illini are still unranked. The Illini are returning to the court. Both Illini basketball teams are back this week after a short pause due to COVID-19. It was a busy year. The Illini will try to play next week. Congrats, Malcolm! Sunday’s game is still on for now. The Illini will not head into 2022 with a ranking. Brag brag brag brag brag brag.

Can the Illini brag this year?

Brag brag brag brag brag brag. Everyone played in a role in the thumping of Mizzou. The Illini can brag this year. The change comes as COVID cases across the country are spiking once again. It’s a down year for Mizzou, but Cuonzo still holds a 3-1 edge over Underwood in the border battle.

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