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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the festival of trees and lights?

Festival of Trees & Lights is a five-day public event that is the main fundraiser for Blank Children's Hospital. The event features beautifully decorated trees, entertainment, children's activities, food, shopping and more! Your attendance means you are supporting valuable programs at Blank Children's Hospital.

What is the festival of trees?

Festival of Trees. Festival of Trees is the name taken by a number of (apparently independent) charity events/organizations that hold annual events around Christmas time to raise money for some local charity many for children hospitals and other organizations (often, but not always, a hospital or more specifically,...

What is the theme of Song of the trees?

One of the themes of “Song of the Trees” is “Standing up against those who put you down will help you keep your self- respect.” A. Identify 2 events from the story that support this theme. B. For each of the events you identified in part A, explain of how that event shows the theme.

What is a tree festival?

The Larmer Tree Festival is a five-day music and arts festival held annually at the Larmer Tree Gardens near Tollard Royal on the Wiltshire-Dorset border in England. Described as "One of the most family-friendly festivals around", it is also noted for its "stunning location... and outstanding eclectic line-up.".

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