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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the legal definition of a fee?

Legal fees are a private contractual matter between a lawyer and his/her client. Costs are, in part, in recognition of that reality but not otherwise associated.

What is the meaning of fees?

(fi) n., v. feed, fee•ing. n. 1. a sum charged or paid, as for professional services or for a privilege: a doctor's fee; an admission fee.

What is a reasonable fee?

Reasonable Fee: This is the fee a dentist charges for dental work that is more complex than usual. For instance, work that has been changed by the nature and severity of the problem that is being treated.

What is certified fee?

Certified is a fee that is independent of mailing or postage, And if the sender chooses to mail with an accompanying paper Return Receipt, the same $2.75 fee applies for 2018 (up $.05 over 2016).

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