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Frequently Asked Questions

What were the positions of Federalists?

Discuss the position of the Federalists on ratifying the constitution Use Facts. They were dominated by big business issues and wanted the government to control the economy. They also felt that many individual and different fiscal and monetary policies lead to economical weakness. federalists favored central banking and central financial policies Hope this helped :)

What were the goals of Federalists?

The Federalists were the American people who were in favor of the proposed constitution. They were instrumental in the creation of The Constitution. Their goal was to more closely unite the states as one large continental nation. Forming a centralized national government was crucial for their idea of a perfect nation.

What were the key beliefs of the Federalists?

Beliefs of a Federalist About Government. Famous federalists include Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and John Jay. Federalism is a political philosophy that divides power between the national, or federal, government and the government of the individual subdivisions, such as provinces, states, counties, parishes or towns.

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