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Frequently Asked Questions

When is father's day in Australia in 2021?

Upcoming Father’s Day Dates in Australia. Father’s Day is on Sunday 6 September in 2021. Father’s Day is on Sunday 4 September in 2022. Father’s Day is on Sunday 3 September 2023.

Is Fathers'Day a public holiday in New Zealand?

In New Zealand, Fathers' Day is celebrated on the first Sunday of September and it is not a public holiday. Fathers' Day was first observed at St Matthew's Church, Auckland on 14 July 1929 and first appeared in commercial advertising the following year.

How did YOU CELEBRATE father’s Day on the Queensland-New South Wales border?

There were heartwarming scenes on the Queensland-New South Wales Border as separated families united to celebrate Father’s Day. Hundreds of people lined up along the plastic barriers sharing a meal with loved ones.

What are the dates for Father's Day 2020?

Date Day Holiday; 2020: 6 Sep: Sun: Father's Day: 2019: 1 Sep: Sun: Father's Day: 2018: 2 Sep: Sun: Father's Day

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