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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best father’s Day cake for 2021?

This Father’s Day 2021, celebrate SuperDad with Rive Ash Bakery’s Super Dad cake. This cake is frosted with grey buttercream side choc drip, piping, sprinkles and gold paper and some choc decor. Choose from two flavours: Chocolate fudge or chocolate sea salt.

Where can I buy a 6 inch father’s Day cake?

NOW Bakery is offering a limited edition 6 inch father’s day cakes in two different designs. Choose from a classy chocolate teapot or a bow tie with two flavours to choose from, chocolate cake with ganache filling and sesame cake with buttercream almond nibs filling. Order the cake by 10 June 2021 to enjoy an early bird discount! Website.

Can a cake be a father's Day gift?

The best part: these homemade cake ideas double as dessert and a Father's Day gift for your dad, grandpa, uncle or any other important man in your life — especially if you waited until the last minute to come up with a present! Your classic angel food cake gets an upgrade with chopped bittersweet chocolate and orange zest.

What is the father’s Day special at Bakers brew?

Baker’s Brew Father’s Day special is a homemade sponge cake soaked in coffee syrup, with layers of crushed roasted hazelnuts, chocolate chips, filled with mascarpone cheese and cream, frosted with a light and aromatic peanut buttercream, and topped with a peanut cookie. Website

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