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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Fangataufa a real island?

Fangataufa (or Fangatafoa) is a small, low, narrow, coral atoll in the eastern side of the Tuamotu Archipelago. It was formerly known as Cockburn Island. Along with its neighboring atoll, Moruroa, it has been the site of approximately 200 nuclear bomb tests.

Is Fangataufa atoll part of Tureia?

Administratively Fangataufa Atoll is part of the commune of Tureia, which includes the atolls of Tureia, Moruroa, Tematangi and Vanavana. It was ceded to France for nuclear tests in 1964.

What is the nuclear test at fufangataufa?

Fangataufa was the site of France's first two-stage thermonuclear test, code named Canopus, detonated on August 24, 1968. The nuclear explosion had a yield of 2.6 megatons. The atoll was also the location of the 1970 914-kiloton Licorne ('Unicorn') test and two other atmospheric nuclear tests as well as several underground nuclear tests.

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