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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best Wormer for horses?

Strongid C 2x Pellet Horse Wormer (Pyrantel Tartrate) is a concentrated top dress wormer to be added to the daily ration for effective continuous preventive deworming. Safe for all horses, including pregnant mares, stallions and foals. One 10 pound pail provides 80 days of prevention for a 1000 lb. horse. Pellet.

Which Wormer pack is right for your horse?

If you answered yes to this question, you should be good to go with the Durvet 12-pack ivermectin dewormer paste . The fact that one syringe can effectively treat a horse that weighs up to 1250lbs assures you of treating up to 12 average-sized horses with a single pack. Other features that make this dewormer paste a great buy are:

How often should I Deworm my Horses?

Every horse needs a deworming schedule depending on individual needs and the time of year. Foals (baby horses) should be dewormed every month until they reach one year of age, while adult horses should be dewormed every two to three months (four to six times a year).

How often should I alternate my Horses' Wormer?

Traditionally, veterinarians recommend worming your horse every two months. However, there is a lively debate about the effectiveness of repeated use of the same wormers. Before beginning a worming schedule, it is wide to have a serious discussion with your vet about the best possible worming schedule for your horse.

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