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Frequently Asked Questions

What has the Faculty Club done for the College?

One of the College’s most popular activities has been a series of weekly talks held at the Faculty Club during the academic year. The presenters are often Fellows reporting on their recent work, but outside speakers are also invited. The topics are wide-ranging and cover a broad spectrum of disciplines and subjects.

Is the Faculty Club open on civic holiday?

The Faculty Club is closed on Monday, August 6th for Civic Holiday. JOIN THE FACULTY CLUB AS AN ALUMNI SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER. Click here for details.

What is Senior College at the University of Toronto?

Welcome to the website of Senior College at the University of Toronto. Senior College is an organization consisting of all retired Faculty and Librarians of the University. It maintains SC Centre at 256 McCaul St on the 4th floor. This space is available to all members and is used for art shows, meetings and monthly colloquium discussion groups.

How much do University of Toronto Fellows get paid?

Otherwise, all payments can be made online at Senior College Payments – University of Toronto ( Fellows/External Fellow pay: $75. Spouses/Partners of paying Fellows and External Fellows: $30. Fellows paying Faculty Club fees through the joint plan: $30.

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