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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Faculty Club in Leuven?

Everything is possible at Faculty Club. Faculty Club in Leuven is a unique event location. The breathtaking setting of the restored buildings of the Grand Beguinage make it the ideal place for all your meetings, receptions and (staff) parties. There is a good reason why the site was made UNESCO World Heritage in 2000.

Why Faculty Club for your event?

For the culinary aspects of your banquets and functions, whether they be professional or family occasions, Faculty Club offers a unique solution. Faculty Club offers several all-inclusive conference packages or you can also opt for a personalized event. Do you like to eat well?

Where is theFaculty club located?

Faculty Club is situated along the ring road of Leuven, just off the E40/E314 and has parking facilities for 250 cars – only a 15-minute drive from the airport by train or car – 20 minutes from Brussels. For more information, check out the following links:

Is enenrollment for Faculty Club’s Spring 2019 student meal plan open?

Enrollment for Faculty Club’s Spring 2019 Student Meal Plan is now open. Is this your first time planning an event with the Faculty Club? We want to make it easy.

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