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Frequently Asked Questions

How to apply for an exchange programme at Leiden University?

You will apply via Leiden University and must meet certain eligibility criteria. There are limited spaces available, so you are not guaranteed a place on an exchange programme. Leiden University selects students on the basis of their grades and motivation. Exchange programmes are inexpensive.

What can you do at the Faculty Club?

The Faculty Club has a brasserie and a restaurant. The brasserie offers a flexible layout of chairs and tables, and comfortable bar stools at the bar. You can enjoy an à la carte lunch or dinner, or meet people for drinks. The brasserie is open all day, from morning to evening, for a latte macchiato, a mozzarella sandwich or a beer.

Can I study abroad with Leiden Law School?

Leiden Law School has faculty exchange agreements with many renowned universities around the world. In most cases, the study credit you earn can be counted towards your Leiden studies. Faculty exchange programmes are organised by the law school’s Office for International Education. Would you like to know more about studying abroad?

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