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Frequently Asked Questions

What is extraterrestrial?

extraterrestrial - a form of life assumed to exist outside the Earth or its atmosphere. extraterrestrial being, alien. hypothetical creature - a creature that has not been observed but is hypothesized to exist.

What is Extraterrestre movie about?

Extraterrestre (2011) A man awakens in the bedroom of a one-night stand and discovers that he must remain in her building indefinitely, as the authorities deal with last night's UFO invasion. What's more, her weirdo neighbor has a huge unrequited crush on her.

What is the meaning of intelligent extraterrestrial life?

Originating, located, or occurring outside Earth or its atmosphere: intelligent extraterrestrial life. n. An extraterrestrial being or life form. American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition.

How fast do extraterrestrial objects travel?

Extraterrestrial objects that cross Earth's orbit do so at an average speed of about 20 km per second. To speed the search for extraterrestrial life, researchers are using extreme conditions on Earth to develop a flotilla of detection devices to tease out signs of life in unlikely places.

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