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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best exhaust tips?

What Are the Different Types of Exhaust Tips? Turndown exit. Also known as a "dumpout", they dump out the soot further away from the vehicle into the ground. ... Straight-cut. This one is pretty self-explanatory: it's cut straight, just like a simple piece of pipe. ... Angle-cut. Unlike the straight-cut, these exhaust tips are cut at a sharp angle. ... Single wall. ... Dual wall. ... Rolled edge. ...

Do exhaust tips really do anything?

Turn-down exhaust tips are often used by truck owners to keep hot exhaust away from tow-behind trailers. Turn-down exhaust tips can be used to quiet a noisy exhaust and/or deflect exhaust gas away from the vehicle. Truck owners, for example, will use a turn-down exhaust tip to keep hot exhaust gases from damaging whatever they’re towing behind.

What are the different types of exhaust tips?

Types Of Exhaust Tips Straight Cut. These exhaust tips feature a traditional, yet cavernous appearance that enhances the beauty and visible blind of the rear end of your vehicle. Angle Cut. This exhaust tip blends remarkably well with aggressive body styles, or muscle cars to be more particular. Intercooled. ... Rolled Edge. ... Single Wall. ... Dual Wall. ... Turndown Exit. ...

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