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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the exhaust system located on a car?

The exhaust system is located underneath the vehicle. The main purpose of the car’s exhaust system is to “catch” the internal combustion gases that are being produced by the engine, direct them away from the cabin, and release them in the atmosphere.

How do I choose the best muffler shop?

Visit at least two or three muffler shops near your location. Try to get written estimates for the repairs needed. Compare prices. Do not forget to ask if a lifetime warranty on parts and labor is offered. Insist from the muffler shop to put the warranty terms and conditions in writing.

What to do when your exhaust system is not working properly?

Bringing in your vehicle to the nearest muffler shop is the best action you could take when suspecting issues with the exhaust system of your vehicle. The technicians at the exhaust shop near you would diagnose the problem and suggest a repair or replacement of the faulty muffler, exhaust pipes, or catalytic convertor.

Why buy an aftermarket car exhaust system?

Most vehicle makers leave a bit of room for improvement as far as torque and horsepower go. That doesn’t mean there is a problem with the functionality of existing parts, it just means there are options for those who want to truly trick things out. One of the best ways to do so is with an aftermarket car exhaust system.

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