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Frequently Asked Questions

Do exhaust clamps work?

The exhaust system of your vehicle directs exhaust fumes from the engine away from the passenger compartment of the vehicle. Exhaust clamps not only hold the exhaust pipe together, but also ensure your safety by keeping dangerous carbon monoxide from entering your vehicle.

What are pipe clamps?

A pipe clamp is a type of clamp often employed in woodworking, piping or cabinet shops. When referring to woodwork or cabinet shops, pipe clamps are usually composed of commercially manufactured clamp heads or "jaws" and a length of common threaded pipe.

What is exhaust manifold pipe?

An exhaust manifold is a system which is used to vent exhaust gases away from an engine. The manifold extends from the cylinders to the exhaust pipe, collecting and moving exhaust away from the engine. Exhaust can be harmful to inhale, making it very important to have a fully functional exhaust manifold;

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