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Frequently Asked Questions

What did Aristotle say about excellence?

According to Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics, a life of excellence is the ultimate objective. He who aspires to achieve this life of excellence must understand the good, happiness, and morality. He must also understand how to live a life of temperance, without giving in to the pleasure of the extremes.

Who said Excellence is a habit?

“As Aristotle said, 'Excellence is a habit.' I would say furthermore that excellence is made constant through the feeling that comes right after one has completed a work which he himself finds undeniably awe-inspiring.

What is an example of Excellence?

Excellence is defined as the condition of being superior. An example of excellence is graduating from college with a 4.0.

What is experience quote?

EXPERIENCE QUOTES. Experience, the interpreter between creative nature and the human race, teaches the action of nature among mortals: how under the constraint of necessity she cannot act otherwise than as reason, who steers her helm, teaches her to act.

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