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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose excellence El Carmen Punta Cana?

Melding warm hospitality with luxurious accommodations and amenities, Excellence El Carmen will make Punta Cana your favorite home away from home. Twenty-three pools line the property, while stunning architecture surrounds you. An array of world-class restaurants and daily entertainment ensure that each moment of your stay in paradise is blissful.

How many restaurants are there at Excellence El Carmen?

Its architecture is in the contemporary Caribbean style, and twenty pools wind through our grounds. There are 11 restaurants to entice you with a range of global cuisine, a beach snack grill, plus 15 bars. We had a great time with excellence el Carmen! They provided excellent service.

What is the Excellence Club?

Elevating an already extraordinary experience, the Excellence Club is an exclusive resort within a resort where additional perks and private areas are seamlessly integrated into every aspect of your stay. Indulge.

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