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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose exexcellence El Carmen?

Excellence El Carmen exudes a modern and hip vibe. Parts of it even resemble a chic indoor/outdoor gallery space. Once inside, it’s all about sharp neutral decor, tranquil vibes, and breezy ocean views. Arriving guests step through the front doors into a hip lobby that’s more evocative of Miami than Punta Cana.

Where is excellence El Carmen Punta Cana located?

It’s near the sleepy beach town of Uvero Alto in Punta Cana, right on the beach. Excellence El Carmen Punta Cana is located along a gorgeous sandy beach in Uvero Alto, a quiet beach area that's a far cry from the more touristy beach zones. Few vendors prowl the floury-soft sand in this part of Punta Cana.

Which is better Punta Cana or El Carmen?

Overall, El Carmen has built-in whirlpool tubs enclosed by glass while Punta Cana has soaking bathtubs in the rooms. We like the modern style of the rooms in El Carmen, but Punta Cana has a beautiful, traditional colonial style that might be more appealing to some tastes. Excellence Punta Cana has an elegant colonial vibe, with tropical touches.

What is the difference between aroma cafe and aroma El Carmen?

Aroma Cafe (which is also at the sister resort) upgrades to a rotating ice cream wheel instead of a regular display case of ice cream. Also, the Club Restaurant (only for guests who upgrade to Club level rooms) at El Carmen is more modern and the bar has beautiful views.

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